Embodying Racial Justice

Dara has been studying Somatics with the Strozzi Institute and Generative Somatics since 2011. She became a Somatic Coach  through the Strozzi Institute and a Professional Certified Coach through Leadership that Works in 2014.  Dara has been supporting leaders as a coach since then bringing embodiment skills and grounded compassion to all of her partnerships. In 2017, Dara joined the Strozzi Teacher Training program and has been on public and private teaching teams. Dara now leads courses through Embodying Racial Justice, and the Strozzi Institute.

In 2022 and 2023, Dara will be offering courses with her team online and in-person courses with COVID safety protocols. See Below for details.

Additionally, Dara will be teaching through the Strozzi Institute. Calendar and registration information here.

She looks forward to continuing to build together towards our shared commitments –

We are a commitment to defending Black life.

We are a commitment to ending white supremacy in our lifetimes

We are a commitment to a vibrant and loving anti-racist white organizers’ movement.

In 2021, payments from this work funded the Black Organizers sabbatical program at Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity. In 2022, our community has supported this work with over $30,000 so far.

Schedule and applications below:

Embodying Racial Justice Level 1  

October 17- Ends December 5th, 9-11am pt/ 12-2pm et

Eight sessions, three coaching sessions, daily practices

Open to all white organizers, consultants, healers and coaches working towards racial justice

This is my foundational course on how to address white body supremacy and racism living in white people today. Especially if you are Jewish, queer or trans or hold another marginalized identity AND you are white, this is a place for us to do the learning together from the body up. Applications are available here and the deadline to apply is September 16th. 

Embodying Racial Justice In-person Intensive 

December 8th to 11th, 9-5pm, Strozzi Dojo, Petaluma California  

Four day in-person intensive

Prerequisite– Embodying Racial Justice Level I or Somatics for White Racial Justice Organizers or an equivalent introductory somatics course with generative somatics, and /or the Strozzi Institute.

The in-person intensive is a deeper dive into the arc of transformation for white people, adding new skills and practices and developing somatic awareness and the ability to face some of the contradictions in this work as white people.  Applications are available here and the deadline to apply is November 18th. 

Course Promises:

* More access to aliveness and choice under pressure

* Deeper embodied understanding of anti-racist frameworks

* Moving from old shape to new shape in the current political conditions

* Becoming more congruent, aligning embodiment words and actions towards your longings

Structure of the Program:
* Four days of in-person sessions

* On-site small groups, partner work, individual work

* One to one and small group coaching

The cost for this course is $750-$4,000 siding scale.  30% of funds will be sent to support black organizing. (My last group sent over $15,000 to BOLD – Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity.)

Deadlines:  Please submit this application by Friday, November 18th.  
We will notify you of your acceptance on a rolling basis.
For any questions email: embodyingracialjustice@gmail.com