Organzing NY Report-back

Organizing NY was held over March 22-24th in Manhattan.  Over 450 people attended a variety of workshops on a wide variety of topics including online organizing, grassroots fundraising, campaigning, advocacy and civic engagement.  Some report-backs are already online including one on making videos that reflect the work in the field.   One participant reflected:

2013, will be my third election cycle and up until Organize New York, I had no idea why I was knocking on the doors I was knocking on, asking for the signatures I did or attending  the  labor meetings I was sent to.
Organize New York, brought me into the war room, and demanded I got involved in the thinking behind the campaign, a space women and minorities rarely occupy and I can take this information into my day to day work.  Thank you again and I look forward to continuing this conversation.

Mutale Nkonde, Founder of the Young Professional & Politically     Engaged Facebook page, lead organizer of the Millennial Mayoral Forum. 

One of my ongoing goals is to recruit, support and build the field of organizing across sectors, particularly in low-income communities, communities of color, and other directly impacted communities.  While Organizing NY wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it did bring together people from different areas of organizing who don’t ordinarily talk to each other, to learn, share, and build relationships for years to come.  Already there is talk of a fundraisers of color happy hour, and other rumblings of great connections and efforts coming out of the weekend.  Thanks to all who were a part of making it happen, particularly Charles Lenchner, Amy Miller and Elana Levin from Organizing 2.0, Maurice Mitchell, Sunshine Ludder and Sonya Reynolds from the NY Civic Engagement Table, Mike Boland from Working Families, and our good friends at Citizen Action of NY, who are gearing up for their amazing skills and analysis conference in Albany this June 29-3oth- Justice Works.


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