New writing on fundraising for 501(c)(4)s

Here’s an article I wrote on fundraising for political work through 501(c)(4) organizations.  It was published by the wonderful Grassroots Fundraising Journal. I welcome your feedback!


#OccupyTogether Resources

One of the projects I have been working with over the past few months is SURJ: Showing Up for Racial Justice (formerly Us for All of Us). In response to the swell of actions across the country- from Occupy Wall Street to encampments and bank actions across the country; SURJ has compiled some of the best resources on race and the Occupy Movement.  Check them out here or on Facebook here (which might be update a bit more regularly.)

New videos

In preparation for a strategic planning retreat with US for All of US: No room for Racism (a network of white people working for racial justice,) I made a few videos exploring the work of organizing white people for racial and economic justice with my friend and colleague Paula Ioanides.  Hopefully the beginning of a series.  Enjoy-

Part I-

Part II-

NYC Grassroots Fundraising Conference

I’m going to be speaking at the NYC Grassroots Fundraising Conference on February 25-26th in New York City.  This is the third year of the conference and is always a great opportunity to get together with other grassroots fundraisers and share and learn.  I’m speaking on the opening panel and doing a workshop on Saturday afternoon on Building an Individual Donor Base.   Hope to see you there–


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