“Dara is passionate and committed to grassroots, bottom up organizing.” – Charles Lenchner, Executive Director at Organizing 2.0

I have been working as a grassroots organizer for the past 20 years on a wide range of issues. Right now, I spend a good chunk of my time supporting amazing organizations across New York State and the U.S. to build more effective campaigns, develop strong leaders and a broad and deep base of leaders. I have worked in a wide range of communities supporting their efforts for racial, economic, gender and social justice. I am particularly interested in working with groups organizing poor and working-class white people in rural areas.

JFREJ and DWU members in Albany, NY lobbying for
domestic workers rights. (photo-Lane Levine, 2008)

Below is a partial list of services that I can provide.  The first step is a conversation  so I can get a sense of the needs of you or your organization.  Then I write up a proposal of the work, outlining the need, scope, deliverables, timeline and budget.  All work is individualized and tailored to best suit your organization.

Base Building: Support in creating/improving, maintaining and evaluating base- building structures.

Membership: Understanding membership structures, developing, implementing and evaluating individual membership models, creating a dues structure.

Recruitment: Door knocking, basic recruitment skills, one to ones, train the trainers, systems for following up and tracking members, membership retention strategies.

Leadership Development: Developing leaders, systems and structures for the long-term development of leaders, identifying and recruiting new leaders, developing training modules to advance members, train the trainers.

Campaign: Strategic campaign development, general training, campaign-specific planning and development.

Coalitions: Building, strengthening and maintaining networks, partnerships and collaboratives.

Political Education: Understanding the political landscape and how to build power,  and targeting.

Financial Management for Organizing: Reading, understanding and developing financial statements & budgets, tracking and projecting income and expenses, etc.

Supervision: Supervision structures, supervising organizers, coaching and support for new managers, new organizers.

Coaching: For new and experienced organizers, program and project directors and   Executive Directors.

Staff Transitions: Transitioning members to staff and board roles and transitioning lead staff out in sustainable ways.

Strategic Planning: short and long-range visioning and planning.


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